Perks of Using an Elder Care Agency

Every day, families face the decision of whether to hire a private individual as a caregiver or using a home care agency when choosing a course for in-home elder care for their loved one. Often, understanding the benefits of a home care agency, can be challenging.

1. Cost

Cost, is of course, the first question we always get, especially in these economic times. the answer is yes, hiring a private caregiver would be cheaper than going through an agency like us. However, there are factors that must be considered to gain a more accurate estimate of how much is actually being saved. firstly, there's the hidden cost of being an employer: additional hours your family caregiver must undertake in the hiring, managing, making of payments and payment of taxes to and for the independent caregiver.

2. Screening & Insurance We carefully interview, screen, and background check our caregivers before bringing them on board. With these processes in place, you’re sure to get someone who has been chosen to work with the elderly based on verified qualifications.

3. Caregiver Matching

We are able to offer variety in caregivers. With a robust caregiver pool, we can pair your loved one with caregivers best qualified to meet their needs. Agencies are very experienced with matching personalities and skill levels to the specific request of the client. We will also take into consideration the little things, such as your loved ones love for their pets, we have caregivers who love animals just as much and will be comfortable around your loved ones pets.

4. Quality of Care

Although our Caregivers are vetted by us before they come to you there will be independent caregivers, as well as caregivers from home care agencies, that provide excellent care, and there will be individuals from both options who provide less attentive care.

A difference between these two options that is worth mentioning is that when a family working with a home care agency decides they are unhappy with the quality of care they are receiving, they can simply request a different caregiver from the same home care agency. In contrast, families who have hired an independent caregiver and are unhappy with the quality of care must go through the process of searching for, hiring, and training a new independent caregiver.

5. Ease of Hiring

The ease of hiring the caregiver is one of the bigger differences when working with us vs. an independent caregiver. Working through us to find a caregiver is a very simple process, let us know your needs and the needs of your loved one and we will properly match you to a caregiver. Finding an independent caregiver, on the other hand, can be a challenge. One must write up a job description and post that description in various locations (generally costing you money depending on where you choose to post). Alternatively, one can ask family or friends or search through pages of classifieds and other local postings. The family and the care recipient will want to meet with the caregiver to “interview” them, and multiple interviews may be required. Although flexibility is one of the main reasons families choose to work with us, the difficulty in finding independent caregivers is one of the main reasons families opt for home care agencies instead.

6. Supervision

Private caregivers work for themselves. Caregivers working for a home care agency, like ourselves, work as an employee. This means we provide a level of supervision to our caregivers to ensure the needs of your loved ones are met. This means you aren’t left to manage your caregiver or situation alone. We are constantly in touch with you and our caregivers while on and off the job keeping effective communication between ourselves and you, our client, as well as between you and your caregiver. We also make monthly in-home check-ins to ensure everything is running smoothly.

7. Coverage

With us, if your regular caregiver falls ill or is out of town, you have the benefit of an additional caregiver pool and the agency’s scheduling staff to help fill shifts. With a private caregiver, you may be left to scramble your schedule to make sure your loved one receives the help they need when they need it. We can provide the back up and peace of mind for you and your family.

Saving Trinidad

When you support an agency, you help improve the caregiving industry and create more opportunities for caregivers on the whole. Edgemore is committed to continuously developing our team of passionate and professional caregivers by providing standardized training and on the job support. Additionally, caregivers benefit from our marketing resources, standardized contracts and client matching services. Without these resources, maintaining quality control becomes more difficult and both caregivers and clients are left unsatisfied. Far too often the work environment falls apart with caregivers leaving the job or clients misunderstanding the caregiver’s role. These are symptoms of an underdeveloped industry saturated with non-professionals. Our agency is focused on building a world class standard to provide caregivers with the resources they need to provide the highest quality of care. Support from our clients and our caregivers goes a long way in creating a better future for our aging population and our country.

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