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A caregiver will be assigned to your loved one during the day/night based on a schedule that suits your needs.

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You set the number of days and hours during the week

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Edgemore typically assigns one caregiver per family unless multiple shifts are required.


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A team of caregivers will be assigned to your loved on to provide round-the-clock assistance and monitoring.

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227 - Nurse 2.png

Two or three caregivers will work in shifts. This team is kept constant so that your loved on can become familiar and comfortable with each caregiver.

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For 24-Hour Care, families are required to provide private private quarters for caregivers. 


Respite Care is a solution for families who already have a caregiver and need a temporary fill in. 

Families may also use this option to try out private in-home care.

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In some cases, hospitals and other medical institutions require a person to stay with or monitor a patient over a specific period of time.

Edgemore can provide a caregiver to fulfill this requirement.

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Care In the Comfort of Your Home.

Our goal is simple: to give you peace of mind knowing that your family is receiving high quality care. The first step we take is understanding your loved one’s ailments and how a caregiver can provide the best support to your family. This is done through in-person meetings (recommended), phone calls or e-mail/text messaging.

Edgemore is then able to provide a caregiver(s) who best suits your family’s needs. Our team of caregivers is highly qualified and experienced in geriatric care and managing degenerative disease.

Every household operates on different schedules and has different requirements. As a result, all our services are tailored, based on the hours you need and the duties that need to be performed. Get in touch with us to get started!