NAP will assess whether a person has a knack for deal-making in the business world.



No. of questions: 186

Question type: Situational, self-report, memory, mental speed

Estimated completion time: 55 minutes

Shorter versions of assessment: N/A Recommended age level: 18+ Qualification Level: Class A

Compliance: APA standards; EEOC standards (gender, age, disability)


Report Includes:




Detailed narrative interpretation

Strengths and Limitations

Negotiation Personality Type



Factors and Scales:

verall Score plus 6 factors, divided into 28 scales:

Memory Skills: Ability to memorize and recall important details/information

Self-control: Ability to monitor and regulate emotions and behavior

People Skills: Ability to effectively relate to and deal with others

Agreeableness: Refers to overall good-naturedness and likeability

Cognitive Acuity: Ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge effectively

Knowledge of the Negotiation Process: Assesses understanding of steps in the negotia- tion process


NAP (Negotiation Aptitude Profile)