MANSSA is an in-depth assessment that evaluates a persons managerial potential. This all-encom- passing test covers over 60 competen- cies, traits, and skills.



No. of questions: 391

Question type: Situational, self-report, skill testing

Estimated completion time: 120 minutes Shorter versions of assessment: N/A Recommended age level: 18+ Qualification Level: Class A Compliance: APA standards; EEOC standards (gender, age)


Report Includes:

● Summary



Detailed narrative interpretation

Managerial Type

Delegating Type

Impression Management



Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 5 factors, divided into 68 scales:

Planning: Determining the organizations direction

Organizing: Execution of plans

Controlling: Assessing progress and ensuring that plans and goals are unfolding effectively

Staffing & HR Functions: Duties that revolve around putting together a productive staff

Leading: Guiding and bringing out the best in others

MANSSA (Management Skills and Styles Assessment)