CLAA assesses whether the personality traits and skills a person possesses match those required to excel in a clerical or administrative position.



No. of questions: 175

Question type: Self-assessment, situational, skill testing

Estimated completion time: 90 minutes Shorter versions of assessment: N/A Recommended age level: 18+ Qualification Level: Class A

Compliance: APA standards ; EEOC standards (age)


Report Includes:

● Summary



Detailed narrative interpretation

Strengths and Limitations


Impression Management


Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 4 factors, divided into 21 scales:

Professionalism: Ability to perform tasks in a conscientious manner

Emotional Stability: Ability to manage stress and remain poised

Agreeableness: Ability to get along with others; a pleasant demeanor

Clerical Aptitude: Assesses knowledge, skills and abilities needed for clerical-type tasks

CLAA (Clerical Aptitude Assessment)