CHAP will assess whether a person has the necessary skills and traits to be a professional nanny



No. of questions: 143

Question type: Self-assessment, situational, multiple choice

Estimated completion time: 50-60 minutes Shorter versions of assessment: N/A Recommended age level: 18+ Qualification Level: Class A Compliance: standards; EEOC standards (age)


Report Includes:




Detailed narrative interpretation

Strengths and Limitations

Caregiver Style (based on parenting theories)


Impression Managment


Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 5 factors, divided into 18 scales:

Childcare Value System: Assesses values that are important and relevant to childcare

Work Ethic: Degree to which a person behaves in a responsible and productive manner

Diligence: Degree to which a person is willing to work hard, efficiently, and carefully

Mental Strength: Ability to deal with the difficulties of childcare

People Skills: Assesses whether a person interacts productively and appropriately

CHAP (Childcare Aptitude Profile)