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"My experience with my caretaker, Cindy, has exceeded expectations...." 

Samantha Farrell


Our roster of over 50 Caregivers is continuously growing and covers all major residential areas throughout Trinidad.


Alzheimer's  |  Dementia  |  Stroke  |  Diabetes


Injury/Limited Mobility  |  High/Low Blood Pressure

Every Caregiver is carefully selected based on their qualifications and experience in managing ailments such as: 


Our free, non-committal home consultation is a great way to decide what level of care may be right for your family.

Edgemore oversees every  job, ensuring a harmonious relationship between family, patient and caregiver.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

The situation of my father required urgent attention and Edgemore came through for us in a timely and professional manner.

- Melanie Pouchet


Do Caregivers cook meals?

Some caregivers are able to prepare meals for patients. In this case, meals are prepared or cooked solely for the patient and not for the entire household. Do Caregivers cook for specific dietary needs? Yes. If your loved one has to eat within certain dietary restrictions, we will match you with a Caregiver who is experienced in preparing appropriate meals. For example, Caregivers can cater to patients who are diabetic or suffering from blood pressure issues.

Do Caregiver clean?

Caregivers are responsible for keeping patients and their surrounding areas clean. They are not responsible for cleaning the family household. In cases where Caregivers are cooking meals for a patient they are required to clean up.

Are Caregiving services based on a schedule?

Edgemore assigns shifts to Caregivers based on the specific needs of your family. Shifts can range from a couple hours a few days a week to monthly 24-Hour Care. Once shift requirements are set by the family, we match you with an available Caregiver.

How much do Caregiver services cost?

  • The cost of our service depends on three main factors:
    • The duties required of the Caregiver
    • The complexity of the patient’s condition
    • The number of hours required each month
This information is usually obtained via phone call or during our free in-home consultation. We strive to ensure our rates are affordable and competitive.
  • Do you pay NIS?
    • Yes. Edgemore pays NIS, PAYE and Health Surcharge for our Caregivers where applicable.
  • How do I pay?
    • Clients are invoiced at the beginning of the month and can pay via cheque or bank transfer.

Where do you operate?

Edgemore is able to provide service to all major residential areas throughout Trinidad. Our roster is continuously growing to ensure that we can provide service to as many locations as possible.

Do your Caregivers drive?

Some caregivers are able to drive clients, either in their own vehicle or a vehicle provided by the family. In most cases Caregivers assist in taking patients on errands and medical appointments.


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