What We Do

Edgemore Services Limited provides private in-home caregiving services for families throughout Trinidad. The company manages a growing roster of professional caregivers who specialize in age-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Stroke. Since inception, Edgemore has worked with over 50 families throughout the country, creating opportunities for Elder Care Professionals and raising awareness of age-related disease.




Edgemore Services Limited (originally Edgemore Technical Recruitment Limited) began as a recruitment company, providing services for Manufacturing, Oilfield Services and IT companies throughout Trinidad. Edgemore adopted a hands-on and meticulous approach to supplying clients with candidates. A large focus was placed on understanding company culture and existing recruitment challenges faced by clients. This approach, coupled with a steadily growing database allowed Edgemore to facilitate a number of successful placements, particularly in the Manufacturing industry.

In early 2017, directors were advised by colleagues in the medical profession to conduct research into the elder care industry. After several months of focus groups, interviews and market research, the company entered the industry in November of 2017. Edgemore sought to improve the quality of elder care through a stringent screening process for caregivers and focusing on employee well being.


Justin has a background in Organizational Psychology with a specific focus on Coaching, Business Development and Selection & Assessment. He has experience in corporate HR, working with Recruitment Teams to facilitate new hires and orientation. 

Business Development Director

Justin Collymore

Afi Ford-Hopson


Founded: April 2016

Address: 4C La Rive, Chaconia Estate,

Saddle Road Maraval

E-Mail: info@edgemoreltd.com


Justin Collymore

Fe Lopez-Collymore

Phone: 786-5240 | 688-3953